One to One Pilates

One to One Pilates

One to one Pilates is really the most effective way to get a clearer understanding on exactly what works for you. Because you are the only one in the session this means that every minute of your Pilates training will be focused on all the crucial points which are relevant to you alone plus there is always lots of useful feedback throughout the length of the session. One to One Pilates also works well for people who may have an old injury or a disability which may require more individual attention and input.


Sessions are usually 1 hour but can sometimes be longer depending on the individual requirements each person is likely to need. Time management and flexibility with days and times is useful for people with busy life styles and this is where one to one sessions work really well. 


Teaching One to one Pilates is always rewarding, there’s a positive relationship which builds with the client, especially if they’ve been attending for a number of years it’s amazing to see the fantastic progress people make which is without doubt the most rewarding part!

A full induction and consultation is given prior to your block booking, full consent from GP is essential before commencing. For more information on days and times available visit home page.