Specialised Circuit Training

Edinburgh Pilates also offer specialised Circuit Training, in the form of low to moderate intensity with low impact. Exercises are non weight bearing to avoid excessive joint stress. An excellent way to improve circulation & strengthen your body, inside and out with results you can be proud of achieving!

After the completion of your consultation and pre-exercise assessment, a carefully planned circuit is designed with the appropriate intensity which will benefit and suit your needs. You will find that the type of exercise you will be given at each station will be functional and you will find that it very much relates to your own daily life and activity needs.
The exercises will also teach you to improve and focus on your posture and balance as you mobilise and strengthen muscles and joints. There are always different alternatives to try out if a particular exercise proves to be unsuitable.
A Specialised Circuit Programme offers lots of various exercises depending on the nature of the injury you are recovering from. Once you have successfully completed your physio exercises and you have been given the green light to go ahead you are now ready to begin some further training with a Circuit Programme. Improvements in the way your body responds and progresses to the exercises are the key focus.
As we age we begin to lose muscle strength and mobility, the Circuit Training Programmes are an excellent way of discovering what will be the most appropriate and effective exercises for you. Exercises are moderately paced activities which are designed to suit your ability and which relate to your own daily life activities. The benefits from this form of exercise are hugely rewarding and prove that no matter what age you are benefits can still be achieved!
As with any form of new exercise programme it is essential that you have consent from your GP or health consultant prior to commencing.