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Here you can expect to find the Pilates class with a difference!

For more information on days and times available contact Karen on 0780 315 2138 or visit contact page.

Have you ever felt lost and bewildered at the back of a class unable to see clearly what it is you are expected to do? You think you might be doing the movement correctly…

Edinburgh Pilates is designed to give you a more personal and improved quality of class. With classes held in a comfortable and relaxed environment and with small groups of between two and four you can expect to receive warm and friendly yet detailed and precise instruction and guidance throughout each class.

All Pilates movements are given with clear step by step instruction and sometimes hands on assistance correcting and assisting the way an individual is standing, sitting or lying so that help can be given in learning how to perform the exercise movement in the correct postural alignment! Karen is a fully qualified Specialist Pilates instructor who is registered with the Register of Exercise Professionals UK since 2006 membership no. R0061826.

Circuit Training
Specialist Circuit Training
Edinburgh Pilates also offer specialised Circuit Training, in the form of low to moderate intensity with low impact. Exercises are non weight bearing to avoid excessive joint stress. An excellent way to improve circulation & strengthen your body, inside and out with results you can be proud of achieving! READ MORE
TRX Suspension Body Weight Training
TRX Suspension Body Weight Training
Edinburgh Pilates also offer specialised TRX training sessions for all ages including 60 + Intensity, joint range of movement are carefully adapted to suit each person. A functional form of training which focuses on posture, alignment, body core strength, endurance as well as bone density, muscle strength, balance and coordination. READ MORE

The videos below aim to give you a flavour of the variety of classes taken by Karen of Edinburgh Pilates.

Side Lying Clam
Strengthens muscle which helps to stabilise the pelvis. PLAY VIDEO

Superman Swim
Challenges balance & Core stability also strengthens muscles around the spine. PLAY VIDEO

Pilates is like no other exercise when it comes to rehabilitation after an injury and we see many people who have been referred by their Physio or GP and in some cases needing to be being signed off work which can be another frustrating part, so getting started back to work is vital! Anyone who has suffered an injury cannot and should not attend Pilates or any other exercise without full consent and approval from their Physio or GP. READ MORE

Ante / Post Natal Pilates
During your Pilates sessions time will be spent focusing on your Postural Alignment throughout the movements. Attention is also given to Pelvic Floor strengthening and encouraging the Deep Core Muscles to activate with your control. It is just as important for you to practice Relaxation and Breathing Techniques so that you can feel calm and rested. Everything you learn and practice in your Pilates Sessions will help provide you with the knowledge you need to assist and help you through these important months ahead. READ MORE