A Class to Suit Your Needs

It goes without saying there is no age limit on keeping active and healthy! Edinburgh Pilates offer Small group classes or One to One sessions which suit a wide range of ages and abilities. What ever your age, Pilates or Circuit Training Programmes are designed with you in mind! Whether you already take part in regular sports such as golf, swimming, racket sports, or you are a keen marathon runner or cyclist and you’re beginning to realise that the hard worked muscles in your body would benefit from Pilates. Or you’re just not sure which exercise might be best for you, perhaps you have an old injury, or other conditions which might be holding you back? If in doubt talk to your GP.                                                                                                                                                             

For Older Adults Edinburgh Pilates sessions involve balance and mobility which helps reduce the risks of falling later in life, Karen has noticed just how much of a priority this is to the well being and indepence of the people she works with. As we age we begin to lose muscle along with bone density so it makes sense to look after both. By working gently and safely within your own capabilities can be very rewarding and lots of good fun! Learning the basics of Pilates along with different equipment such as resistance bands, light hand weights, balance aids, and stability balls and becoming more and more confident throughout your block. Pilates will improve your flexibility and range of movement, helping to ease stiffness in the joints of the body and help you feel much more mobile.          

Edinburgh Pilates also offer Specialised Circuit Training, in the form of low to moderate intensity with low impact, exercises are non weight bearing to avoid excessive joint stress, especially if there is Osteoarthritis or Arthritis in a number of joints. Even with these conditions the body still has to be kept strong, muscles have to be strengthened in order to continue supporting and protecting joints. Trying out a different activity as you work your way round the Circuit is really rewarding for lots of people, heart and lungs begin to work that little bit harder too! Pilates is never fogotten, even with this type of activity, it’s vital to focus on the correct breathing and exercise techniques recruiting core muscles and posture will all improve and add to each person’s performance.                       

One of the most popular comments made after a class is always about how much more flexible people feel, any tightness in the muscles that was there when they arrived at class has gone. Joints in the knees and spine are much more mobilised, shoulders and hips have an improved range of motion and wrists and ankle joints give a sigh of relief with some gentle mobility. We can all remember the “tin man” in the Wizard of Oz and what happened to him when he didn’t get oiled… exactly he seized up and was unable to move! Keeping active and mobile on a regular basis is one of the kindest things you can do for your body! Don’t allow your age and fitness level to put you off and if in doubt, talk to your GP.

Come along and feel a new Sensation in your Mobilisation! To find out more about days and times available contact Karen on 0780 315 2138 or visit our contact page.