Ante/Post Natal

Karen Coupland is a fully qualified Level 4 Specialist Pilates Instructor with a Level 3 Award in Adapting Physical Activity for Antenatal and Postnatal Clients. This qualification is fully accredited and is recognised by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. Also Registered with the Register of Exercise Professionals UK.

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Taking part in a regular Pilates class during your pregnancy can offer so many benefits. Edinburgh Pilates Offer small classes of between two and four people, there are also One to One Sessions which are ideal if you are unable to attend the class times available. The most important key areas that will be focused on are learning to adapt and maintain a safe Postural Alignment for you and your growing baby also improving Core Strength which is using your body’s own natural Corset is equally important. During your pregnancy your spine requires all the protection it can get as the weight of your growing baby can place pressure on the curvature of your spine so it is vital that the exercise you choose is both safe and effective. Careful consideration is always given to each individual throughout their sessions and where necessary, modifications and alternatives are put in place.

Another crucial area which your sessions will spend time focusing on is strengthening the Pelvic Floor Muscles which also come under pressure as your baby grows,these need to be kept strong to prevent the muscles from weakening. It is also just as important to learn how to relax the Pelvic Floor muscles which are also required during labour. Your Pilates sessions will enable you to recognise the difference between the two. Relaxation is also another pleasing and rewarding part of the Pilates sessions. Taking part in Pilates during your pregnancy will provide you with a sense of well being and confidence throughout your pregnancy.

As with any Exercise commencing it is necessary that a PAR-Q and PARMEDX should be completed, clearance from your GP, Healthcare Team is also essential. For more information on days and times available contact Karen on 0780 315 2138 or go to our contact page. Now that you have completed your Postnatal Check up and have the all clear from your GP and Healthcare Team you are now ready to begin your Postnatal Pilates Sessions. First of all it is important to arrange a consultation so that a PAR-Q and PARMEDX form can be completed. These forms are Confidential and necessary they also help build a picture of your Medical History and Health. You will be able to discuss your Pregnancy, the Delivery of your new baby and the Outcome of your Postnatal Check up. Here we will also be able to assess your Postnatal Posture and work out a safe and effective Pilates Block.

During your Pilates sessions time will be spent focusing on your Postural Alignment throughout the movements. Attention is also given to Pelvic Floor strengthening and encouraging the Deep Core Muscles to activate with your control. It is just as important for you to practice Relaxation and Breathing Techniques so that you can feel calm and rested. Everything you learn and practice in your Pilates Sessions will help provide you with the knowledge you need to assist and help you through these important months ahead.

Extra Care and Guidance is given during stretching and mobility due to the release of the Hormone Relaxin which was first produced way back in the 2nd week of your pregnancy and can still be present in the body up to nine months after the birth. This Hormone causes the joints in the body to have more laxity to be hypermobile, this may be something you may have already noticed, in that you are able to stretch and move joints quite easily, in fact better than you could before you were pregnant. Or you may be completely unaware of any change, which means you need to take care not just during an exercise class but during any physical activity. Trying to over- reach or lean the body too far in a certain direction may cause damage as you are at risk of stretching beyond what is normal for you and perhaps not realizing this at the time.

Don’t just take our word for it!

Katherine MacKenzie;
“I recently booked myself 8 weeks of one to one classes with Karen for Pre-natal Pilates. I was recommended Karen by a friend and my midwife, as I was told it would help me throughout my pregnancy and labour. My core fitness was dramatically improved in the latter stages of my pregnancy even though I was already a fit and active person. I found the classes very relaxing too and towards the end of my 8 weeks Karen ensured that we altered the classes as my bump grew bigger. I look forward to starting my post-natal classes very soon. I would highly recommend Karen as an individual and as a fitness trainer. Her calm, caring and professional manner always stands out.”

Siobhan McAndrew;
“I first started group classes with Karen when I was pregnant with my third child, and then continued with one to one classes in the post natal period. Before my baby was born she was easily able to incorporate me into a group class, with the appropriate tweaks and equipment necessary for advancing pregnancy. The one to one classes after the birth have been excellent in regaining core strength, improving posture and generally stretching out muscles tightened by carrying children and car seats. I would highly recommend her to anyone, male or female, pregnant or not, her beautiful studio is also easily accessible. “

“As a mum of 3 herself she very much understands that sometimes things do not run to plan and that classes are missed. The fact that she allows you to make these classes up at a later date is tremendously useful, and exemplifies her unique and understanding nature. Thank you, Karen!”

Rebecca Fairley;
“Hi Karen, fantastic news! John & I have now became the proud parents of a gorgeous baby boy. Little James made his way into the world last Monday night at 7.45pm. I had quite a short labour 3hours & I felt pretty good once it was all over. We’re back home now doing well, I have been doing pelvic floor exercises. I use my stability ball to help relax my lower back it’s so good for that! Hope to pick up post natal classes with you Karen in a few months time all going well, thanks for all your help.” 

“Seeing the belly which I had left from pregnancy after giving birth by c-section I felt like I lost some of my previous confidence. This was the reason why I have been looking into post-natal Pilates as a systematic and healthy means of getting back into shape again. Once I began with my Pilates sessions I found out that the exercises also helped ease my mood which helped me to relax. I started my weekly 1 to 1 Pilates sessions with Karen 15 weeks after giving birth and still carry on now. Karen always gave me very good advice and step by step helped me to build up my core muscle again.”

“I’m currently 37 weeks pregnant and I attended antenatal classes with Karen up to 35 weeks of my pregnancy. I’m a very active person and enjoyed regular cardio classes and running at my local gym however as my pregnancy progressed I had to give up my running and a number of fitness classes. I decided to try pilates as I wanted to stay active throughout my pregnancy and was also advised that pilates would be good for my joints, back etc. I have thoroughly enjoyed the pilates classes and Karen was an excellent teacher. She would talk through each exercise ensuring that I was happy and comfortable. I would highly recommend pregnant woman to take up antenatal pilates with Karen. I will definitely keep up pilates after my baby arrives and ensure it becomes a regular exercise along with my cardio fitness classes.”

“My physiotherapist suggested I try Pilates to stabilise and strengthen my pelvis and lower back after a difficult pregnancy. I had very poor core strength, difficulty walking short distances and considerable pain during everyday activities. After only 6 weeks of 1:1 instruction from Karen, I feel like a new woman! I am so much stronger; I’ve found muscles I didn’t know I had and learned how to use them to support myself correctly. Karen’s understanding of my needs and her thorough and professional style have given me the confidence to really go for it and the results speak for themselves. I am walking comfortably to and from school and even carrying my toddler without pain when I need to. Karen’s explanations are easy to follow and she is a very patient teacher. As a complete beginner, my many questions are always welcome and I feel I have learned such a lot in a short space of time. I look forward to continuing in the group class now and would heartily recommend Edinburgh Pilates.”