Body Maintenance


Sports injuries are another big feature with Pilates and more and more people are now discovering the benefits of taking up Pilates in conjunction with their regular sports routine. It’s a little like giving your body an MOT, regular maintenance for hard worked muscles and joints can definitely help release problematic muscle groups. Rotator cuff, hip flexors, IT band, glutes and hamstrings. Many active people now prefer to use Pilates as a preventative measure in steering clear of injury.


It’s true to say that  in today’s society we work longer hours and some working professions can be hugely straining on the muscles and joints of the body, with daily repetitive movements that spark off chain reactions leading to muscular imbalances.
Pilates can correct and even reverse many of these work related problems and if you have been dealing with neck, shoulder or back pain, Edinburgh Pilates offer sessions designed to help get your body back on track, helping you to control the behavior of these unruly muscles.

 Here at Edinburgh Pilates we strongly believe if you want to get the best performance from your body and stay injury free, Pilates sessions are the most reliable and effective form of corrective exercise we know.