Chronic Illness

People who have a Chronic long term illness such as an Immune Disorder, Diabetes,Thyroid conditions- over active or under active, Hypertension, Depression, Coronary Heart Disease, Asthma, Stroke and Cancer remission can all benefit hugely from taking part in gentle Pilates. Karen is qualified in teaching Older Adults with Chronic Conditions which affect Older Adults and the implications for training and designing individual programmes involving health and medical history. She is also qualified in teaching Chair Based Exercise in conjunction with gentle Pilates, useful for those who may have had to drastically reduce the amount and type of exercise as they may have found it so tiring.

At Edinburgh Pilates adapting and developing Pilates Sessions is an important part of teaching and for Karen it’s all about getting the best out of each person, knowing what sort of programme is going to produce the best results for a person who requires careful monitoring with their exercise and progression. Sessions like these are very individual and Karen has always believed it’s never about one size fits all!

At Edinburgh Pilates we recognise that each person has a very different set of circumstances, medical health conditions are varied between each person, there may be lots of emotion, along with different mental attitudes from each person along the way. Taking it slowly is often what it’s all about and where necessary Karen will adapt her teaching skills to motivate and slow the person down, she agrees it’s very common to find that people mentally will want to push themselves far too quickly, when their body may not be ready, often there is a real fear that they might not regain their physical health. Karen also adapts and teaches programmes for people who understandably might be a little afraid of starting a programme, she teaches on the basis of gentle progression with the aim to reduce and eventually eliminate the over protecting and guarding against progress that people sometimes have. Karen recognises that this can definitely be a real stumbling block for some people and she’s pleased to say she’s managed to reverse this fear, proof then, that one size really doesn’t fit all!

Edinburgh Pilates pride themselves on designing and teaching programmes with an emphasis on restoring confidence and teaching people to use as much of their mental motivation and emotion in a manageable and positive way and it does bring results!

Pilates is also beneficial for those diagnosed with Depression, relaxation is something everyone enjoys and many of us struggle to find the time. People become used to carrying tensions around in the body all day long, with just one glance it’s easy to spot, the body posture is an obvious sign with muscles being fed a very destructive fuel called “tension” supplied free of charge by the mind! Relaxation is an important and necessary part of a Pilates session, teaching each person to become aware of the connection between their body and mind, learning to focus on breathing, lifting tensions away from the body and mind, creating calmness and well being so that each person leaves the session feeling calmer and stronger.

Teaching sessions can have some up-lifting moments and Karen has spent time working with Partially sighted people as well as those who are waiting for Cataract treatments, another common age related eye condition. Clear instruction along with hands on assistance through the exercise is essential in getting the best out of each person when sight is impaired, ensuring that they feel comfortable and can understand what is required. She has also had the exciting challenge of teaching a person with complete blindness, in this case the person attended the sessions with her husband, there were times when it was difficult to believe she was infact blind and as she gradually perfected the alignments and movements, quite remarkable!

It is essential to have discussed taking part in Pilates with a Consultant or GP who has given their approval and consent.