Core Strengthening

Core strengthening is a vital component in the teaching of Pilates and contrary to popular belief it doesn’t just involve the abdominals. The lower and mid back as well as muscles around the hips, like the glutes, hip flexors and pelvic floor are all involved.  
It doesn’t matter which sport you take part in, core strengthening is an essential part of any form of sports training. Improving the strength of these muscles can make all the difference in staying injury free, maintenence for healthy muscles! Having core muscles which function efficiently will enhance the performance of any sport.
Improving the strength of the core muscles can greatly assist in protecting the muscles and joints of the spine, helping to prevent injury. Many people who have experienced back pain of one form or another are quick to notice the improvements, discovering muscles which haven’t been doing the job they’re designed to do. Pilates exercises re-educate these muscles so a much healthier balance is restored.