Pilates is hugely beneficial for cyclists where strengthening the core muscles is necessary in order to help keep the body stable and steady on the bike. So even if it’s out on the road’s, off track or spinning, competitive or non competitive Pilates is the best form of exercise for correcting imbalanced muscles, providing hard worked leg muscles with an injury free recovery is essential.
Balance is also improved as well as strengthening the upper trunk, which cycling doesn’t offer so much of, back muscles also respond extremely well and low back pain can be kept at bay.
Tightness in the IT Band, hamstrings, hip flexors and calves are common in cyclists as well as stiffness in the back. Posture also comes under threat with rounded shoulders and neck and head protruding forward, chest muscles are often tight as well. The deeper stabilising muscles require strengthening so that mobilising muscles which are heavily used are able to work efficiently without risking injury.


After your consultation and induction your posture will be assessed and from here you will begin your first session, which will include  a programme of exercise, with the appropriate progressions and adaptations, necessary for you. If you are currently attending physio or any other external health treatments there may be occasions when it becomes necessary to liaise and discuss progress with them.
Throughout your sessions you will discover and learn how to maintain and improve the functional performance of your muscles, allowing you to continue enjoying your cycling, injury free.