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Golf and Pilates work extremely well together, whether you are a competitive player or you play for enjoyment, Pilates will help to improve your performance and protect against injury. Because golfers use the same repetitive movements this means that there are a number of muscles which are over worked along with those that are left to weaken, Pilates is one of the best forms of exercise we know of when it comes to correcting muscle imbalances.
Pilates provides full body exercises which target all muscle groups. Back muscles are strengthened, spinal alignment and lengthening is focused on along with abdominal strengthening. The hips and shoulders have an improved range of motion and flexibility increases along with improved balance.


After your consultation and induction your posture will be assessed and from here you will begin your first session, which will include a programme of exercise, with the appropriate progressions and adaptations, necessary for you. If you are currently attending physio or any other external health treatments there may be occasions when it becomes necessary to liaise and discuss progress with them.
Throughout your sessions you will discover and learn how to maintain and improve the functional performance of your muscles, allowing you to continue enjoying your golf  injury free.