Injury Prevention

Edinburgh Pilates provide Small Semi-Private groups or One to One sessions which are ideal for those who may be attending a physiotherapist or deep tissue therapist. Many of the movements in Pilates can be hugely beneficial in helping to strengthen and re-educate the functional balance of muscle, deep tissue and joints. This improves your range of movement and flexibility. Many physical practitioners see Pilates as an appropriate addition to the treatment and prevention of injury.

Of course many injuries can be work related due to repetitive over use of joints and muscles and in some cases, complete lack of use. These sorts of complaints are extremely common and here we see a steady flow of people who have got into difficulties over the years with muscles and joints protesting! In most cases it’s all about re-educating the muscles and joints which have developed the bad habits and it doesn’t take long to feel and notice the difference once the problems have been identified.

Sports injuries are another big feature with Pilates and more and more people are now discovering the benefits of taking up Pilates in conjunction with their regular sports routine. It’s a little like giving your body an MOT, regular maintenance for hard worked muscles and joints can definitely help release problematic muscle groups. Rotator cuff, hip flexors, IT band, glutes and hamstrings. Many active people now prefer to use Pilates as a preventative measure in steering clear of injury. Here at Edinburgh Pilates we strongly believe if you want to get the best performance from your body and stay injury free, Pilates is the most reliable and effective form of corrective exercise we know..