Men & Pilates

When it comes to taking part in a class or teaching Pilates I’ve always noticed that women still seem to out number the men in the majority of classes. Could it be they think Pilates might not be macho enough for them and because they have brilliant upper body strength and a six pack to boot, why would they need Pilates.

Which is strange I think, considering it was a man, Joseph Pilates who devised this brilliant form of exercise in the first place! Why is it then that most of our top sports men like Andy Murray for example along with some of the countries top foot ballers all include Pilates as part of their training. Possibly because they have discovered it enhances their sports performance and helps them steer clear of injury.

Men are notorious for concentrating mostly on training their upper bodies, which tends to create muscle imbalances straight away, leading to injury. Pilates does offer a full body workout providing increased strength and flexibility, mobility,stability of the joints and an improved range of motion.  

Teaching Pilates for men can sometimes be a little different, in that they prefer to work with challenging exercises, which is fine as long as they maintain a good technique, it’s not about quantity it’s the quality of the movement every time and this is often where some men are surprised at just how much of a challenge that can be. 

So I would say to men, or if you are a woman who knows a man who hasn’t yet tried Pilates, give it a try! What are you waiting for!

Edinburgh Pilates

Robert Black

My name is Robert I am 36 years old and I have always had problems with my neck, shoulders and back mainly because of the amount of hours driving, I’m also a drummer in my local pipe band which I’ve enjoyed doing for years now but the way my shoulders and neck would feel at the end of the week was a complete nightmare. I couldn’t figure out what to do my doctor had told me it was due to my long hours driving. My sister put me in touch with Edinburgh Pilates, where I met Karen who could see straight away what was happening with my shoulders and neck. Within a matter of weeks I lost all the tightness across my upper body. The Pilates has made a huge difference to me and I’d recommend it to anyone who is going through the same.

Paul Manning

I started pilates after my chiropractor, who I was seeing because of a severe back injury recommended it as a form of rehabilitation. Before starting, Karen assessed my situation through a health history questionnaire and physical assessment. Pilates has really helped, especially with my core muscles and I can feel my back getting stronger. With Karen’s help I have been able to take up my hobbies of running and mountain biking again and I strongly recommend pilates to aid recovery from back injuries.