Older Adults

For Older Adults Edinburgh Pilates sessions involve balance and mobility which helps reduce the risks of falling later in life, Karen has noticed just how much of a priority this is to the well being and independence of the people she works with. As we age we begin to lose muscle along with bone density so it makes sense to look after both. By working gently and safely within your own limitation and ability can be very rewarding and lots of good fun! Learning the basics of Pilates along with different equipment such as resistance bands, light hand weights, balance aids, and stability balls and becoming more and more confident throughout your block. Pilates will improve your flexibility and range of movement, helping to ease stiffness in the joints of the body and help you feel much more mobile.

One of the most popular comments made after a class is always about how much more flexible people feel, any tightness in the muscles that was there when they arrived at class has gone. Joints in the knees and spine are much more mobilised, shoulders and hips have an improved range of motion and wrists and ankle joints give a sigh of relief with some gentle mobility. We can all remember the “tin man” in the Wizard of Oz and what happened to him when he didn’t get oiled… exactly he seized up and was unable to move! Keeping active and mobile on a regular basis is one of the kindest things you can do for your body! Don’t allow your age and fitness level to put you off and if in doubt, talk to your GP.

Come along and feel a new Sensation in your Mobilisation! To find out more about days and times available contact Karen on 0780 315 2138 or visit contact page.

Ann Craig (67)

Edinburgh Pilates - Ann CraigI am a 67 year old woman who has been doing one to one Pilates Instruction with Karen for about 3 years now. I have a long history of lower back problems and have gone down many avenues to try to alleviate the pain, including acupuncture, reflexology etc, but nothing helped for any length of time.

I decided, on the advice of one of my daughters, to try Pilates, and it was she who “found” Karen for me. I had never done Pilates before so I felt more comfortable in a one to one situation. Having specific problems I felt they could never be dealt with in a class of 10 or more.

Karen took a full medical history before I started to pinpoint any specific areas that needed looking at and this is updated annually which is very professional.

Each lesson is specific to the way I am feeling on any particular day. My mobility has increased and my posture is so much better and I have learned what my core is all about. Pilates also helped me correct a bout of Plantar Fasciitis and Karen suggested it might be worth while having an MRI Scan for my lower back pain, since I had never had one taken. The scan revealed disc compression in my lumber spine, however, I was told that only surgery would “cure it”.
I wasn’t happy about going down that road, so I have continued with my one to one Pilates with Karen. I have learned so much from her, that I also do lots of the exercises at home. I have improved to the extent that Karen now has me circuit training, specific to my needs of course. Never thought that I would ever be able to say that!

I should also say, that we have fun and I would recommend Karen to anyone who is not feeling as young and as fit as they used to be!


I have been attending Karen’s Pilates classes every Friday for the past 3 years now and I must say it’s been very worth while and something I should like to keep going as long as I can. I find the classes do make a difference. Karen has a very relaxed and friendly approach with everyone, there was a time when I might have thought I was too old for something like this but Karen has helped change my whole attitude. I would say to anyone my age, go on and give it a try.

Margaret (70)

For me the benefit of attending a small class for pilates is that my instructor can give me a personal view of how I am following her instructions. I also have trouble with my knees and sometimes my balance I feel she can structure my moves to alleviate any pain I may have. I have found a great improvement in my mobility and am relatively pain free since starting my classes with Karen. I find her classes work perfectly together with my aqua aerobics which my GP tells me are two of the best activities I can have along with my gardening. It’s nice to find a class that teaches me a variety of safe movements which help me along with my every day life style.

Bonny (66)

As a 66 year old with dodgy joints and family history of osteoporosis I approached Pilates with trepidation. I need not have worried, as Karen took a full medical history, and as the exercises became more challenging she was able offer alternative ways of doing them.

We are continually reminded to use our “core” muscles, so much so, that walking round the supermarket you think of them, and pull yourself up straight, instead of slumping over the trolley.

Karen’s classes are always fun, and a good workout! I have been attending her classes for over 4 years now and long may it continue!