Osteoporosis is another condition seen in men as well as women, with 1 in 5 men and 1 in 2 women breaking a bone mainly due to poor bone health. In some cases certain medications have been found to bring about the condition, bone density is reduced and is confirmed by a dexa scan which measures the density of the bone.

The condition can also develop in women 50+ post menopausal due to changes in hormone production. Some of the standing balance work in Pilates can help strengthen weight bearing bones as well as adding in an activity like country or ceilidh dancing can be really effective in improving bone density, always check with your GP before commencing with any new activity. If a person does develop Osteoporosis then caution must be taken with exercise so that the risk of fracture is avoided, most common fracture sites are the spine, hip and wrists. Pilates is excellent for improving balance and stability and can be useful in the prevention of falls, people who have had a fall often fear the same thing happening again which in some cases seems to aggravate the situation, so including exercises which improve confidence with balance are vital.

Chris Gould

Having been diagnosed with osteoporosis recently i decided i needed help in the form of pilates. i found Karen on the internet and after a very positive telephone conversation i decided i would benefit more with one-to-one sessions. i booked a course of six sessions which have been very enjoyable and more importantly has taught me about my posture and lack of core strength. After a class with karen you come out feeling relaxed, happy and i also feel half an inch taller. Karen explains everything thoroughly without making you feel inadequate. I would advise anyone to start with one-to-one sessions as you understand the breathing and core strength much better. thankyou karen looking forward to my next six sessions.

Bonny (66)

As a 66 year old with dodgy joints and family history of osteoporosis I approached Pilates with trepidation. I need not have worried, as Karen took a full medical history, and as the exercises became more challenging she was able offer alternative ways of doing them.

We are continually reminded to use our “core” muscles, so much so, that walking round the supermarket you think of them, and pull yourself up straight, instead of slumping over the trolley.

Karen’s classes are always fun, and a good workout! I have been attending her classes for over 4 years now and long may it continue!