Pilates is like no other exercise when it comes to rehabilitation after an injury and we see many people who have been referred by their Physio or GP and in some cases needing to be being signed off work which can be another frustrating part, so getting started back to work is vital! Anyone who has suffered an injury cannot and should not attend Pilates or any other exercise without full consent and approval from their Physio or GP.

Slipped discs or herniated discs can be extremely painful and debilitating, taking anything from six weeks or longer to recover depending on the severity. Once on the recovery and given the go ahead from their Physio or GP, Pilates with out doubt is the best way to get people back on the move again!

Unfortunately there are always unforeseen accidents that do happen, where there may have been some trauma to the spine or limbs which has required surgery. After this, the post recovery period begins, which can take weeks if not months, time will have been spent with a physio improving and building mobility and strength and it’s after this phase that we can then begin to create and adapt a suitable programme necessary for improving and developing mobility, strength, balance and co-ordination for that person. For people who have needed to have metal plates and pins in their leg or foot for example, or in an arm, hand or joints of the spine, again positive results are created in this post recovery period and working sometimes in conjunction with the person’s Physio.

Of course many injuries can be work related due to repetitive over use of  joints and muscles and in some cases, complete lack of use. These sorts of complaints are extremely common and here we see a steady flow of people who have got into difficulties over the years with muscles and joints protesting! In most cases it’s all about re-educating the muscles and joints which have developed the bad habits and it doesn’t take long to feel and notice the difference once the problems have been identified.