There are many Pilates exercises which benefit and help improve the performance in runners, it’s all about maintenance and each runner will have a different set of circumstances to deal with.


The knees are often affected with cartilage around the knee becoming irritated, if there is weakness in the glutes this can have a knock on effect on the hips and knees. The hamstrings can also get into difficulties as a result of being too tight or weak and many runners can have a problem with their quads overpowering their hamstrings, eventually leading to injury. Tendinitis in the achilles is another painful condition which can sometimes occur, as well as shin splints, tiny tears in the muscle around the shins.


After your consultation and induction your posture will be assessed and from here you will begin your first session, which will include a programme of exercise, with the appropriate progressions and adaptations, necessary for you. If you are currently attending physio or ant other external health treatments there may be occasions when it becomes necessary to liaise and discuss progress with them.
Throughout your sessions you will discover and learn how to maintain and improve the functional performance of your muscles, allowing you to continue enjoying your running.

by Jo Macsween

Karen is a highly professional, eternally patient and cheerful teacher. Keeping mentally and physically fit is really important to me especially as I run a business and need a clear head to make good decisions. I decided that doing pilates would complement my running and ensure that at least once a week I would take time to focus on my posture. I started in a small class and after a while Karen suggested that my needs might be better served with one to one sessions. This has been really great for me as the session can be organised to suit me. Some weeks I need to relax and other weeks I enjoy doing quite challenging sessions that help build my core muscles. Karen is very flexible and is always able to adapt the session around what I need. I am very impressed at Karen’s attention to detail and organisation. I highly recommend her classes.