What to Expect

Here at Edinburgh Pilates you can expect to receive warm and friendly yet detailed and precise instruction. We offer classes to suit a wide range of ages and different abilities, so even if you’re a complete beginner there’s a Pilates class just for you. Where you can be sure of recieving full guidance and instruction throughout all stages of your Pilates programme. Always working within your own ability the movements are carefully adapted to suit everyone so you need never feel left out.


All the Pilates movements are given with clear step by step instruction and sometimes hands on assistance is necessary in helping correct the way a person is standing, sitting or lying, so that help can be given in learning how to perform the exercise in the correct postural alignment.
Teaching involves circulating with the group and we believe in order for a person to progress it’s vital to be able to see and know how each person is performing the exercise and we also recognise how easy it is for a person to think they are doing it correctly.


We also know how important it is for people to be made aware of the progress they are making throughout their Pilates block and where necessary exercises will be modified or advanced to help their progress along. Each person will progress at a different level and will also have their own individual key areas to focus on, so it’s never about one size fits all!


When a person has reached the stage where they are now beginning to make their own corrections is fantastic progress!  and a personal achievement for many. Finally learning to perfect the exercise to the best of their ability. Core strength is something that’s talked about alot, feeling muscles being used that they didn’t realise they had! The change in body posture is another talking point, ditching the slouched posture for a taller person takes years off everyone! Pilates is something you can take home with you and use in your every day life and it continues long after you leave the Pilates studio!