Liz Tracey

With a family history of severe osteoporosis I decided I was at an age when I should be pro-active about fending it off. After doing some on-line research I decided that Pilates would suit me & fortunately found Edinburgh Pilates on line. I came as a complete novice and have to say that Karen is one of the most approachable, adaptable and enthusiastic people that I have ever had teaching me anything! It is never too much trouble to her to explain a position to you,until you master it. She has also had to be very adaptable as, after only three months, I suffered a back injury (nothing to do with Pilates & everything to do with thinking I’m younger than I actually am!!). Over the course of the next few weeks, Karen patiently went through various positions that would benefit me, assessing that I was comfortable every step of the way, whilst still teaching the rest of the class, who also had their own various problems. You never feel that you are floundering at the back of the class and you are never made to feel silly for asking any question or seeking any clarification on any position. She has helped me so much and I would have no hesitation in recommending her classes to anyone.

Sinead Higgins

Sinead Higgins
I started pilates with Karen last year, over 6 months ago now, and it is definitely the best thing I have ever done for myself.Karen is a fabulous tutor. Her attention to detail and individual encouragement in the class has helped me understand the core and improve my core strength. For years I have had lower back ,and more recent years, neck problems and her personal hands on approach has helped me understand my body and enables me to work the problem areas out myself but, knowing my limitations, ensures I’m working the correct muscles to ease the pain and maintain mobility. Thanks to Karen I have noticed a huge improvement in my posture and this has given me better confidence in my daily life and greater mobility to keep up with my 6 year old! Karen has a kind nature and very approachable manner and I would highly recommend anyone interested in pilates to come to her classes.Thursdays has become the best day of my week all thanks to Karen! My husband is loving the improved me too!!


Edinburgh Pilates - Evelyn
Karen has been teaching me on a 1-1 basis for over 8 years and the benefits to my physical well being have been huge. Had I discovered Pilates earlier, I needn’t have suffered years of lower back pain and the cost of endless osteopathic appointments. Utilising my core has become second nature and my back is now protected at all times. I’ve had no serious pain in years, but if I do feel a niggle, I have the tools to address the problem at source, negating the need to take painkillers. Pilates, with Karen’s carefully considered classes, tailored for me, have given me back control of my body. I couldn’t be happier with the results.


Edinburgh Pilates - Suzie
My physiotherapist suggested I try Pilates to stabilise and strengthen my pelvis and lower back after a difficult pregnancy. I had very poor core strength, difficulty walking short distances and considerable pain during everyday activities.

After only 6 weeks of 1:1 instruction from Karen, I feel like a new woman! I am so much stronger; I’ve found muscles I didn’t know I had and learned how to use them to support myself correctly. Karen’s understanding of my needs and her thorough and professional style have given me the confidence to really go for it and the results speak for themselves. I am walking comfortably to and from school and even carrying my toddler without pain when I need to.

Karen’s explanations are easy to follow and she is a very patient teacher. As a complete beginner, my many questions are always welcome and I feel I have learned such a lot in a short space of time. I look forward to continuing in the group class now and would heartily recommend Edinburgh Pilates.


By Helen

Happy new year Karen! Hope you had a lovely time with your family. My mum and I have just arrived back from our three weeks holiday in Florida, it was fantastic! we had an amazing time! One thing I’ve noticed since I’ve been home is just how much my body has tightened up, I don’t have the same flexibility and I’m feeling really stiff I think it’s because of this that my posture feels uncomfortable too. I was trying to follow some of the suggestions you gave me for mobility and stretching but there was no time, we had such a busy schedule I couldn’t fit them in! Continue reading