Consultation & Induction

Your first meeting at Edinburgh Pilates will involve a consultation and an induction and this will take one hour.

You will then be asked to fill in a routine Health History form and PAR-Q and this is simply to build a picture of your current health and history through the years, also establishing that your G.P. is happy for you to begin. All client personal information remains strictly confidential. Throughout the meeting we will be able to discuss what it is you would like Pilates to help you achieve.

As a new client the induction is designed purely to ease you in gently and not to bombard you with lots of information on your first visit, for your own comfort clothing should be relaxed so as not to restrict movement. During your induction your current postural alignment is assessed and discussed with you and from here you will be introduced to a few Pilates alignments, for example standing and a supine alignment (lying on your back). At this point Karen will be able to focus on your postural alignment and then begin to layer in a few movements.

To complete your consultation and induction your first block of Pilates sessions is then booked and payment is made. (See Days, Times and Fees) The consultation and induction are the first week of a six week block. Six week blocks are necessary in order to give you the appropriate length of time in which to learn and adapt to the different Pilates alignments before progressing further.