Denise Murray

I have recently just started pilates with Karen, and as a complete beginner I wasn’t really sure what to expect. I’m almost finished my first block with her and am really enjoying it!

What I like most about her sessions is the way she breaks every thing down, so you learn how to do the exercise and what the aim of the exercise is. She likes to make sure she’s getting a quality movement from you rather than how many you can manage, which is what I had thought it was all about.

If something has gone a bit wrong with the way I’m doing an exercise, she is quick to help out and won’t let me continue until I know what I need to watch out for and focus on. I’m nearly at the stage where I can spot some of my own mistakes and its a good feeling when it’s worked and I can notice the difference! There’s plenty of laughs in the sessions too.. does giggling use core muscles? hope so! she really seems to know how to get the best out of every one, it’s worked with me and I’ve seen it work on other new people.

Looking forward to another block and have also got my auntie interested in joining next session.
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