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When I started my current job about 12 years ago I remember receiving comments about my upright posture, but now after all those years of sitting crunched up over a computer my shoulders had collapsed forward (for want of a better phrase!)

My sister had discovered the benefits of Pilates and worked hard on encouraging me to go but with a skin problem which often restricted my movement I didn’t feel up to it.

I then began to feel so still and unfit that I knew I had to do something. I found Karen after an internet search. Her replies to my query emails showed a caring person.

After a few weeks my sister visited, and as I saw her off on the train a text came through, “your posture has improved” – fantastic!

Lessons can be hard work and challenging but never more than you can cope with. Above all lessons are fun and time time always flies past. On driving home after one lesson I had to re-adjust my rear view mirror… I was sitting taller.

Karen’s lessons are excellent and have really been of great benefit.
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