About two years ago when I had a very bad spell of lower back pain, an Osteopath recommended private Pilates classes. I found Edinburgh Pilates through the internet and have been attending semi-private classes for the last two years. Karen’s classes helped me to slowly build up my core muscles again which were totally neglected due to fact that I have an office job and had to commute between Edinburgh and Glasgow. I felt in good hands as she takes the time and effort to tailor the classes to the individual needs, even if there is two or three people attending. After the classes I always felt refreshed and a lot more relaxed. I also think that my posture has improved, I learned how to “protect” my back by using the core muscles and what to do in a crisis situation. Unfortunately, I cannot attend any more classes as my job situation changed but I will miss my Tuesday night Pilates sessions and my class mates Jean and Teri. Thank you Karen for your help and guidance, I really enjoyed the classes. I will try to keep up Pilates at home.
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