Louise (47)

I have been attending Karen’s Pilates classes once a week for at least 3 years.

There are only ever  a maximum of 4 people in the class which is great as Karen can give us her undivided attention. Karen can go around us individually finding out how we are coping with the excercises and help correct or modify what we are doing to suit the individual. The ages and health of the class varies and Karen caters for all of us, tayloring what the individual can cope with. We all do the same excercises but possibly at different levels of complexity. This is one of the greatest benefits of the smaller class. Through Pilates I have rediscovered my core muscles and now find I correct my posture when standing or walking and I now no longer slouch. I first started attending Karen’s classes when I had spasms in my neck muscles and found it very  difficult to relax them, through physiotherapy and pilates I finally managed to relax the muscles. I still have to use pilate techniques to help release the muscles occasionally if they tense up. As part of Karens warm up routine with us she always brings in the ones that help release the shoulder and neck muscles, I particularily like these excercises.

I can’t recommend pilates highly enough, it is low impact but gives your muscles and joints a very good workout.

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