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Edinburgh Pilates - marjorieA few years ago,when I was 63, I began to suffer back pain. I had regular sessions for about two years with an Osteopath who told me I had a Scoliosis, or curvature of the spine. Although her skill brought immediate relief after each appointment, the pain soon returned. On the Osteopath’s recommendation I saw a consultant at the RIE. After the x-rays, I had one shoe built up at the Orthotics Department as the Scoliosis was causing me to lean to one side, I also had Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy. These sessions were very helpful but I felt I needed greater understanding of how to improve the muscles in order to support my back. I had heard that Pilates could help strengthen the core muscles and I felt this might be worth a try.

I have now been working with Karen as a one to one for about two months now and I have a much better understanding of how I must think about my Posture. She has explained and shown me how the muscles on one side of my body have weakened. I am working with her to try and balance this out. The exercises we work on are done with a focus on mind and body control and afterwards, although I feel I’ve had a workout, I feel stronger and more relaxed. I think this is the way forward for me and I must work hard at it, as the discomfort I have experienced for years and years has prevented me from enjoying so many interests. It seems sensible for me, or someone in a similar situation, to aim to try and minimise the discomfort rather than aggravate it by allowing my Scoliosis to take over.

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