One of the most common errors noticed during a warm-up is in the mobilisation of the joints. People tend to fly through the movements because they have done them so many times before without focusing properly on what it is they should be getting out of the movement.

Slowing it down and taking time to recognise just what it is you are trying to achieve from the movement will benefit.

This slowing down allows the joints such as the shoulder, to be taken safely through the correct range of movement for you, offering better stabilisation and a beneficial release to tissue and muscle around the area.

You should aim to keep your movements slow and try to avoid any sudden or forceful moves.

You will probably feel a warming sensation as blood flow is stimulated and encouraged to make its way through into the soft tissue and muscle, also a good indication that you are doing it correctly! Now the whole area has warmed up and is ready for the work ahead. If you think you could spend a little extra time with these movements during your next routine … give it a try and feel a new Sensation in your Mobilisation!
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