Yes it’s true, more and more men are taking up pilates! How do we know this? because wives, sisters, aunties, girl friends, grans & daughters are all catching a glimpse of the men in their lives trying out their pilates stability ball or standing on the side lines curiously watching us release tired muscles as we lengthen our spines.

Some of these guys are quite taken with the whole idea of improving their posture and want to avoid having a body that looks 10 years older than they actually are!

So… yes it’s great to see men of all ages filling up the spaces in pilates classes, good for them! It’s worth remembering that even if you have great muscle strength you can still have a posture that lets you down! Or if you have incredibly strong legs and arms that you rely heavily on, your core strength could be letting you down!

Malcolm and Steve from my Thursday class have done just that, buying their own stability balls plus mats and taken them into work… Wow this is great! It’s good to take part in a regular pilates class and it’s even better to keep it as a routine, practice at home or work it really does make a difference. Long hours at desks and computers can play havoc with shoulders,backs and legs. Armed with the knowledge of how to do something about it can help sort out your day at work.
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