Susan (28)

My name is Susan I’m 28 years old and have been attending one to one sessions with Karen for a two and a half years. I had always suffered lower back pain which wasn’t helped by sitting long hours at a desk. I was seen by a physiotherapist who suggested Pilates as a way of strengthening my lower back and helping me with my posture and core stability.

The sessions Karen sets out for me have taught me how to do the movements in such a way that my lower back is safe. I found out that using my core muscles really did make a big difference to the way my back tended to feel, I became conscious of how I should be sitting at my desk in order to prevent the horrible discomfort I used to feel. Karen also gave me useful exercises which I can do at my work and these have made a massive difference to the way my lower back now feels. Thanks Karen for your patience and support.

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