TRX Suspension Body Weight Training


After the completion and pre-exercise assessment a carefully planned TRX session will give you an introduction to the importance of body alignment and posture. Learning correct body stance, adjustment of straps, how to hold the handles safely and correctly. Followed by the exercise technique this will involve finding the correct range of movement and intensity for your joints and muscles. Once you have learnt the basics increasing the intensity so that your heart and lungs begin to receive work so increasing and improving cardio vascular training.



TRX training is an incredibly versatile and functional form of training and can be hugely beneficial to all age groups. Runners, cyclists, golfers, team sport players. It’s also an excellent form of training for anyone who may have hip or knee joint issues, even those who have undergone hip or knee joint replacement surgery. The range of movement can be adjusted and the avoidance of heavy joint impact is lifted out completely, the straps provide a safe control in which to master and perfect your balance skills. The core muscles are put to the test and where there may have once been weakness is pleasingly improved. Perfect for maintaining healthy bone density and muscular strength.


As with any new exercise you are about to embark on it is essential that you have consent from your GP/Health Care Provider if you do have any conditions that are likely to affect the exercise. If there are muscular or joint related conditions or any recent surgery consent from your GP/ Physio / Chiropractor, Osteopath Consultant should be given.