Rotator Cuff


The Rotator Cuff is made up of  four muscle groups and most Rotator Cuff problems tend to be caused by wear and tear, more so if you’re over the age of forty. Pilates is hugely beneficial in providing movements which help increase the blood supply to the shoulder area encouraging repair and improved mobility.


Inflammation, pain and swelling, with the most common being inflammation of the Rotator Cuff Tendons. Tearing of the Rotator Cuff can also be caused by trauma such as a fall, wear and tear can also produce tiny tears in the tendons.


After your consultation and induction your posture will be assessed and from here you will begin your first session, which will include a programme of exercise, with the appropriate progressions and adaptations, necessary for you. If you are currently attending physio or any other external health treatments there may be occasions when it becomes necessary to liaise and discuss progress with them.
Throughout your sessions you will discover and learn how to maintain and improve the functional performance of your muscles.