By Helen

Happy new year Karen! Hope you had a lovely time with your family. My mum and I have just arrived back from our three weeks holiday in Florida, it was fantastic! we had an amazing time! One thing I’ve noticed since I’ve been home is just how much my body has tightened up, I don’t have the same flexibility and I’m feeling really stiff I think it’s because of this that my posture feels uncomfortable too. I was trying to follow some of the suggestions you gave me for mobility and stretching but there was no time, we had such a busy schedule I couldn’t fit them in! When I finished up my sessions with you for xmas I felt good as you know, I’m just so shocked to find my body feeling this way. I’m pretty sure it was the traveling that seemed to cause my stiffness. I started getting little hints that my muscles were becoming tight and my back was stiff every morning to the point where I needed pain killers on one occasion but still I ignored the opportunity to stretch and told myself I’d do them later, which of course I never did. I won’t be making that mistake again!

So I can’t wait for next week to get back into my sessions, ha my body certainly can’t! See you soon.

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  1. Thank you Helen happy new year to you! I’ve had a lovely time with my family over xmas. It’s been a busy start to my year, I’ve just received an Award in Adapting Exercise for Older Adults so I’m delighted with that! Also starting up some new classes which I’m really excited about!

    Glad you had a lovely holiday with your mum, don’t worry too much about the muscle stiffness, sometimes muscle & joint flexibility can change when we reduce or limit the amount of stretching & mobility or pilates movements, whether it’s because of holiday’s or an increase in work commitments but like so many other people you’ll be able to learn from this. The main thing is you’re booked in for your sessions & we can get you back on track & within a relatively short space of time you can add to your routine & you’ll be feeling the benefits in no time! Look forward to seeing you next week.

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